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Mercedes-Benz Lease Specials in Wesley Chapel, FL

Do you like driving a new car every few years without committing to a purchase? Leasing may be the option for you! Tampa, Land O' Lakes, and Plant City drivers look no further than Mercedes-Benz of Wesley Chapel. Our store features exclusive lease offers on new and popular 2020 Mercedes-Benz models:

Leasing a Mercedes-Benz in Wesley Chapel, FL

There are several reasons to lease:
  • You like flexibility
  • You regularly upgrade cars
  • You drive under 10,000 miles per year
  • You don't modify your car
  • You prefer lower monthly payments

Drivers typically lease for 24 to 36 months, which means you'll experience new Mercedes-Benz vehicles and technology every two to three years. Once your lease ends, you'll have additional options, too: Choose to return your vehicle, buy it, or extend your lease past its scheduled termination.

Lease rates generally offer qualified customers lower monthly payments because you only pay for the amount of time you'll be driving the vehicle. See the cost reduction starting with your first month's lease payment.

And if your vehicle is ever declared a total loss, we cover the difference between the insurance proceeds and the balance owed to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Mercedes-Benz Lease FAQs

As always, refer to your applicable lease agreement for specifics on lease-related issues.

What are your responsibilities for repair and maintenance of my Mercedes-Benz?

You must have your vehicle serviced as recommended by the manufacturer and have all the necessary repairs made.

What is considered excess wear and use?

Rely on the Mercedes-Benz Three-Point Inspection to assess whether damages to your leased car are considered excess wear and use:

Credit Card Images: You will not be charged for exterior and interior damage that cannot be seen when a credit card is placed over it.

Windshield, Lights, Wheels, and Tires: When it comes to these key elements, certain aspects are considered excess wear:
  • Cracked or bent wheels
  • New wheels that weren't equipped with the vehicle when you first received it
  • Tires that are the incorrect size, have sidewall damage, or have exposed cords
  • Glass and lights that have cracks, stars, holes, or plugs

Missing Items: Ensure all originally equipped items are returned with your vehicle:
  • Maintenance book
  • Owner's manual
  • Second set of keys
  • Removable CD disc changers
  • DVD system
  • Navigation system discs
  • Headrests
  • Tool kit
  • Spare tire

What insurance coverage do I need?

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services must be listed on your comprehensive and collision coverage as the "loss payee" and as "additional insured" for liability coverage. Required minimum coverages include multiple elements:
  • Bodily injury liability not less than $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence
  • Property damage liability not less than $50,000
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage for the actual cash value of the vehicle
  • $2,500 maximum allowed deductible

What happens if my car is stolen?

All thefts and damage must be reported to your insurance carrier and to the Client Service Center at (866) 321-8351. An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership should repair damages.

What taxes am I responsible for?

Generally speaking, all taxes assessed to your leased vehicle are your responsibility, including sales and personal property taxes.

How do I re-register my Mercedes-Benz if I move?

Give us your new address, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will provide you the documentation for registration in your new state.

Lease a Mercedes-Benz at Mercedes-Benz of Wesley Chapel

Fill out our quick pre-qualifying application to start the credit approval process. We'll let you know what your purchase options and actual lease payments are. And we'll work with you to get you the total monthly payments-and total payments-that fit within your budget and needs.

So Tampa, Land O' Lakes, and Plant City drivers, visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Wesley Chapel to view inventory options, go for a test drive, and explore your leasing options. We're open today!